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Party all night long!

31 Oct

I’ve been playing hard. So much fun!

August2011 467a

August2011 480a

I ended up taking it to the next level. This is what my foster mom woke up to. This was my bed. And two stuffed toys. Party all night long!!! I’m mighty proud of my work!


Tomorrow I go back to the shelter and then to the vet the next day for a follow up visit. If all goes well I might go to a forever home soon!


Caught in the act

23 Oct

I didn’t shred anything! Caught in the act you say?

August2011 452a

The rules

12 Oct

My foster brother Charlie is teaching me all about doggy rules. I know he looks like a big meanie in the picture but he just tells me when I’m being a pesky pest. It’s very important that I learn rules! He is a very good teacher and I love him a lot.


I also get so socialize with other dogs as long as my foster mom knows that they are nice and healthy. I really like George the Brittany Spaniel puppy! I also like Andy the ACD X but she’s crazy girl and always wants to jump on me. We’re not allowed to roughhouse though because of my injuries.

Baby carnivore

10 Oct

I don’t like kibble. Blech! I’m underweight and nutritionally deprived. So my foster mom asked the shelter if she could put me on raw. I love it!!!! I eat about 1 1/2 lbs of meat every day. Look at me, I’m a baby carnivore! Here I’m eating my first lamb neck. So good!

August2011 390a

August2011 397a

August2011 409a

I also don’t like treats unless they are just dehydrated meat. Clearly I know what’s best for me! My favorite treat is dehydrated green tripe! I highly recommend it!

August2011 291a

August2011 286a

August2011 284a

August2011 275a

I also like my bully stick. I’m a smart girl and figured out how to hold it and eat it even when I wear the cone of shame!

August2011 244a

I’m having fun here! I get to meet a lot of new people and dogs every day! I’m also getting stronger! I’m a cheeky monkey now!

August2011 317a

Little friends

8 Oct

My foster parents said I have to meet 100 new people this month to make sure I become a breed ambassadog. I like everybody but I really like children. They are small like me and we all like to play! Plus we’re all cutie pies!


This is my friend Lola, she was trying to brush me but I was more interested in playing. See my weird flat feet that I have? I’m a bit of a gimpy puppy but that doesn’t hold me back!

And as you can see I had a blast with my friend Kale!



6 Oct

I have a new friend. His name is Otto. I love him sooooooo!!!

August2011 254a

August2011 251a

August2011 248a


4 Oct

I’m settling in nicely! I like it here! I decided to party at 4:30 am! Whee!!!

August2011 201a