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Bye bye Frankendog!

28 Nov

First of all, I apologize for my absence. My foster mom has been hogging the computer. Something about “Christmas letters for loved ones”. I know, how dare she!

Anyway, I have some big news!

I’m no longer a Frankendog! My foster parents took out my staples over the past two days (I decided to make it a challenge for them and was super wiggly!).

Check it out, it’s like I have a permanent smile on my thigh! Say “cheese”!

Pickles 222a

In other news, I’m eating a ton (Charlie and I go through 10 lbs of meat every 3 days!) and am gaining weight nicely.

Nom chicken!

Pickles 217a

I got a new jacket from “the cookie lady Miyeko”. She lives here in the neighborhood with her dog Tai and has lots of yummy treats with her all the time. Tai outgrew her coat and so I inherited her coat. Now I have one that actually fits me! Of course it was sunny in the last two days so I go nekkid but I’ll have a picture for you soon enough. Thanks Miyeko!

Tonight I walked 1 km in one stretch!!!! And I walked 2.2 km in total today. I know it’s nothing for most dogs out there but it is a big deal for me! My foster mom was really proud and gave me my favorite treat – Dehydrated tripe!

While my foster mom was busy on the computer, Charlie and I found away to pass time – We play! We play almost all day long now! I know he sounds and looks ferocious but he’s very gentle with me!

Here’s short clip of us playing (Sweet move at 0:32, right?)


My fav day….

25 Nov

….each month is MEAT DELIVERY!

Kerry from Wild At Heart was here again last night and brought me meat!!! Mmmmh meat! I LOVE meat so much I couldn’t wait and started to help myself while they were talking:

Pickles 189a

Pickles 187a

I got lamb tripe, chicken, turkey, pheasant, lamb necks (my fav!). There’s also still sole, herring, beef, beef tripe and bison in the freezer. Yup, I love meat!

Kerry also brought me treats. Dehydrated apples and dehydrated sweet potatoes. My foster mom says that as good as raw meat is for me, I also need my veggies and fruit. Oh boy, I will definitely sit nicely for those sweet potatoes, they’re good! (PS – I stole Otto’s apple the other day and had pureed veggies with my turkey this morning so I’m not opposed to fruits and veggies. Meat will always be my first love though.)

You know what else I got? A new collar!!! Kerry heard that I was outgrowing my collar and so she bought me this:


I love it!!! It’s so cute! And as you know, us Pit Bulls are total love bugs!

I already wear it but between me being so wiggly and the cone, it’s apparently hard to get a good picture of it. But you know what, my staples are soon going to come out and then it’ll be “Bye bye cone of shame!”

Do you know what else I am besides a love bug?

A bunny.

Pickles 211a

PS – I gained weight! Apparently my thighs are starting to look like thighs too vs sticks as I’m starting to build muscle! I finished my Tramadol pain meds a few days ago and my antibiotics this morning. I feel great!

Miss Smartypants

24 Nov

They call me “Miss Smartypants”.

This is why:

Also last night I woke my foster parents up because I really had to go to the bathroom. They praised me a lot for that. I usually sleep through the night though.

It’s rainy and cold out. I’m not a fan. So I have been playing a lot inside instead. Look at me go!!!

Out for a stroll

22 Nov

My mom says that it looks like Charlie is out for a stroll with his alien friend. Whatever!

I’m learning a lot from him when we are out and about. He shows me where all the good spots are to sniff. He always remains calm even when there’s a lot of cars so I copy him and don’t freak out anymore (can you blame me for being nervous around cars!?!?!). He also introduces me to a lot of really nice people and dogs. Apparently everybody knows him around here so naturally they are now all getting to know me too. I want to be a social butterfly just like him when I grow up!

Best day ever!!!

21 Nov

I was shocked when I recently found out that dogs apparently don’t like mail carriers. SHOCKED! I think mail carriers are sooooo awesome! My regular mail carrier Julie always gives me cookies and kisses. Today another nice mail carrier brought me a box!

Pickles 134a

Pickles 139a

I was playing really hard with the box until I got it open and that’s when I realized it wasn’t just a box but a box full of toys and treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pickles 140a

I had a bit of a hard time getting them out but I managed eventually…

Pickles 142a

Pickles 145a

So it turns out I have a famous fan. New York Times bestselling author Chevy Stevens loves me and sent me those fantastic gifts! How cool is that!?!?! I think it’s so cool that you should all go out and buy her books now! Yup, you heard me, go buy her books!

Thank you Auntie Chevy, I love it all!!!! “Loved” I should say in the case of the bully stick because it already disappeared in my tummy (I work fast, what can I say).

Pickles 151a

Pickles 168a

Do you know what was also awesome? Seeing my foster mom jump and down, squealing like a crazy person! Do you know why? Well, the amazing Chevy also included a signed copy of her book:

Pickles 186a

Pickles 178a

“Next time she wakes you up, you’ll have something to read” – What can I say, I love to party all day long!!!!

Pickles 120a

Now that I’m going for walks & exercise, I’m actually starting to settle down inside. I have come to the conclusion that snuggling on a comfy couch with a person you love is AWESOMESAUCE!!!! So guess what, my foster mom and I are going to cuddle tonight and read the book together.

Thank you Chevy!!!!

Sister from another mister

19 Nov

Please meet Teya, my sister from another mister:


Ok, we’re not actually related at all BUT she too is with Bully Buddies and is in a bit of a pickle. She ended up in the vet clinic this week with an obstruction. She is looking better but has bills now! On top of this, Teya’s foster home is no longer able to care for her and so needs a new foster home!
You can find out more about her on Petfinder: Teya
Please email Bully Buddies if you can foster her:

My foster parents say that fostering is a lot of fun and very rewarding!

If you read her profile, you’ll see the following: “Another cute thing about Teya is that she will smile when she knows shes getting a treat. If youre holding a cookie and tell her to sit, she will take a seat then flash her pearly whites at you before gently taking the biscuit.”

Now check out my latest video from this afternoon:

Yup, I do the same thing!!! Totally charming and ridiculously cute, I know!

As you can see, I’m getting around well and I’m happy! My foster mom says I’m a smart puppy for already having such a good recall. Yes, my coat is a bit big. A few neighbors were laughing and said it looks as if I’m wearing a night gown. Luckily Auntie Denise is going to send me a new coat that will fit me better.

What else is new? Oh, my awesome foster dad went shopping today. I might just be a *wee* bit spoiled here. They say I deserve it after everything. I sure enjoy being spoiled!

Pickles 086a
Mine, all mine!!!!

Pickles 088a
Bully stick! NOMNOMNOM!!!!!!

Cone of shame?

18 Nov

Having people and other dogs laugh and you? Getting stuck in corners and have people and other dogs laugh at you even harder? I think not!

Dear doggy friends, use it to your advantage.

Look pathetic and/or make sad eyes and get lots of cookies
Pickles 060a

Use the cone to bug the other dog and get him to jump of the couch so you have it all to yourself
Pickles 056a

Show them how you could just eat it of your head if you wanted to (like I did before)
Pickles 076a

Now, I will admit… sneak attacks are almost impossible. If you get caught in mid attack just say “Peek-a-boo” and they think it’s cute
Pickles 065a

Trouble? Me? Do I look like I could be trouble? Ok. Don’t answer that.
Pickles 071a