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Cone of shame?

18 Nov

Having people and other dogs laugh and you? Getting stuck in corners and have people and other dogs laugh at you even harder? I think not!

Dear doggy friends, use it to your advantage.

Look pathetic and/or make sad eyes and get lots of cookies
Pickles 060a

Use the cone to bug the other dog and get him to jump of the couch so you have it all to yourself
Pickles 056a

Show them how you could just eat it of your head if you wanted to (like I did before)
Pickles 076a

Now, I will admit… sneak attacks are almost impossible. If you get caught in mid attack just say “Peek-a-boo” and they think it’s cute
Pickles 065a

Trouble? Me? Do I look like I could be trouble? Ok. Don’t answer that.
Pickles 071a