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Best day ever!!!

21 Nov

I was shocked when I recently found out that dogs apparently don’t like mail carriers. SHOCKED! I think mail carriers are sooooo awesome! My regular mail carrier Julie always gives me cookies and kisses. Today another nice mail carrier brought me a box!

Pickles 134a

Pickles 139a

I was playing really hard with the box until I got it open and that’s when I realized it wasn’t just a box but a box full of toys and treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pickles 140a

I had a bit of a hard time getting them out but I managed eventually…

Pickles 142a

Pickles 145a

So it turns out I have a famous fan. New York Times bestselling author Chevy Stevens loves me and sent me those fantastic gifts! How cool is that!?!?! I think it’s so cool that you should all go out and buy her books now! Yup, you heard me, go buy her books!

Thank you Auntie Chevy, I love it all!!!! “Loved” I should say in the case of the bully stick because it already disappeared in my tummy (I work fast, what can I say).

Pickles 151a

Pickles 168a

Do you know what was also awesome? Seeing my foster mom jump and down, squealing like a crazy person! Do you know why? Well, the amazing Chevy also included a signed copy of her book:

Pickles 186a

Pickles 178a

“Next time she wakes you up, you’ll have something to read” – What can I say, I love to party all day long!!!!

Pickles 120a

Now that I’m going for walks & exercise, I’m actually starting to settle down inside. I have come to the conclusion that snuggling on a comfy couch with a person you love is AWESOMESAUCE!!!! So guess what, my foster mom and I are going to cuddle tonight and read the book together.

Thank you Chevy!!!!