My fav day….

25 Nov

….each month is MEAT DELIVERY!

Kerry from Wild At Heart was here again last night and brought me meat!!! Mmmmh meat! I LOVE meat so much I couldn’t wait and started to help myself while they were talking:

Pickles 189a

Pickles 187a

I got lamb tripe, chicken, turkey, pheasant, lamb necks (my fav!). There’s also still sole, herring, beef, beef tripe and bison in the freezer. Yup, I love meat!

Kerry also brought me treats. Dehydrated apples and dehydrated sweet potatoes. My foster mom says that as good as raw meat is for me, I also need my veggies and fruit. Oh boy, I will definitely sit nicely for those sweet potatoes, they’re good! (PS – I stole Otto’s apple the other day and had pureed veggies with my turkey this morning so I’m not opposed to fruits and veggies. Meat will always be my first love though.)

You know what else I got? A new collar!!! Kerry heard that I was outgrowing my collar and so she bought me this:


I love it!!! It’s so cute! And as you know, us Pit Bulls are total love bugs!

I already wear it but between me being so wiggly and the cone, it’s apparently hard to get a good picture of it. But you know what, my staples are soon going to come out and then it’ll be “Bye bye cone of shame!”

Do you know what else I am besides a love bug?

A bunny.

Pickles 211a

PS – I gained weight! Apparently my thighs are starting to look like thighs too vs sticks as I’m starting to build muscle! I finished my Tramadol pain meds a few days ago and my antibiotics this morning. I feel great!


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