Bye bye Frankendog!

28 Nov

First of all, I apologize for my absence. My foster mom has been hogging the computer. Something about “Christmas letters for loved ones”. I know, how dare she!

Anyway, I have some big news!

I’m no longer a Frankendog! My foster parents took out my staples over the past two days (I decided to make it a challenge for them and was super wiggly!).

Check it out, it’s like I have a permanent smile on my thigh! Say “cheese”!

Pickles 222a

In other news, I’m eating a ton (Charlie and I go through 10 lbs of meat every 3 days!) and am gaining weight nicely.

Nom chicken!

Pickles 217a

I got a new jacket from “the cookie lady Miyeko”. She lives here in the neighborhood with her dog Tai and has lots of yummy treats with her all the time. Tai outgrew her coat and so I inherited her coat. Now I have one that actually fits me! Of course it was sunny in the last two days so I go nekkid but I’ll have a picture for you soon enough. Thanks Miyeko!

Tonight I walked 1 km in one stretch!!!! And I walked 2.2 km in total today. I know it’s nothing for most dogs out there but it is a big deal for me! My foster mom was really proud and gave me my favorite treat – Dehydrated tripe!

While my foster mom was busy on the computer, Charlie and I found away to pass time – We play! We play almost all day long now! I know he sounds and looks ferocious but he’s very gentle with me!

Here’s short clip of us playing (Sweet move at 0:32, right?)


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