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Look what I made!

31 Dec

So early this morning I was sound asleep when I heard “Pickles? Pickles? Where is Pickles? Paul, did you take Pickles out of the XPen?”

So I went “Peek-A-Boo!”

Pickles 1112a

That’s right people, I turned my bed into a sleeping bag last night! WINNING!

Pickles 1113a

I just had to chew a thing called “zipper”:

Pickles 1123a

“Get out of that?” Now why would I want to do that? It’s toasty in here!

Pickles 1116a

Also, did you know there was fluff in beds?

Pickles 1124a

As you can see, I didn’t work too hard on making it snow, I was too comfy in there. My foster dad still asked whether there was a snowstorm last night.

Pickles 1125a

Of course I already knew all about fluff in beds. Remember when I partied all night back in October and destroyed my previous bed?


My foster mom said I was a naughty dog and that my toy fund now is a bed fund. Also something about “This is why they buy cheap Costco beds” and “Naughty dogs will get coal for Christmas”. *whimper* Coal? No more toy fund?

Pickles 1118a

But you all know it right…. I’m really just totally awesome for coming up with the idea to make a sleeping bag out of a regular bag!

High 5!

Pickles 1132a

Happy New Year everyone! I’m invited to a party! Party all night long!


Bully Buddies’ New Year’s Resolution

30 Dec

Bully Buddies’ New Year’s Resolution is to FIND MORE FOSTER HOMES!

Unfortunately there are often more dogs needing help than there are foster homes available. Without loving, dedicated foster homes, dogs like me often don’t get a second chance.

Please consider opening your home and heart to a dog like me!

If interested, please email Bully Buddies at

Bully Buddies is really good at matching foster homes with foster dogs. Have a senior dog who wouldn’t do well with a crazy puppy like myself? Foster a senior! Have a dog who doesn’t like cute girl dogs like myself? Foster a boy! Don’t feel comfortable doing after surgery care or rehab like in my case? Lots of dogs are perfectly healthy. Don’t feel comfortable training a dog? A lot of dogs already come with basic obedience. If not, Bully Buddies’ is more than welcome to sign you up for classes or hire a trainer.

Bully Buddies covers any vet bills, supplies food etc. They are really a wonderful group to be involved with! (Hey, they helped me, they gotta be amazing, right?)

If you really can’t foster, get involved anyway! There are a lot of other volunteer opportunities like driving dogs to/from the vet, pick up supplies, volunteer at events, raise money etc.

I know some of you are outside of BC, so please consider fostering for any of your local shelters or rescues!

Pickles 1106a

Sorry Sir Officer, I have not seen a little elf toy! I have no clue where it disappeared!

You guys! You guys!

29 Dec

You’re not going to believe this!


The $1200 from my initial bills while at the shelter. And the $3000 for my two femoral head surgeries and hydrotherapy now with Bully Buddies = $4200!!!!!!


We were really close yesterday. Chevy Stevens, my famous awesome author friend, found out about it and she *just* donated the last chunk.

How freaking AWESOME is that!?!?!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everybody who made this possible, you are all just wonderful!!!! *slobbery kisses & High5 to all of you!* You guys truly are the best and are giving me a second chance!

Many thanks also to my wonderful vets who not only took wonderful care of me but also gave the shelter/Bully Buddies a good deal!

As you all know, I started this blog to try and raise the funds for my surgeries. Since we have achieved this goal, I’m going to retire from blogging.

Night everyone! Thanks for everything!

Pickles 470a





Pickles 1040a

No seriously, CHEESE! It’s my latest trick I’m working on! One day, I’ll be as good as Charlie, check out his video! Way cool, right!?!?! I clearly still need a bit of work but I’ll get there. Soon!

Anyway, of course I’m kidding! You are an important part of my recovery so of course I will have to keep you all updated!!!

Plus you all know what that means right?

TOY FUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pickles 932a Pickles 274a


Pickles 832a


28 Dec

Hi guys!

We’re still alive! We’re just taking it easy after eating too much turkey.

This is me, chillaxin’ and reading with my foster mom. That’s the life, especially on those cool rainy days we’ve been having!


We have also been working though! I learned how to “wave” and “jump” on command. After I learned “jump” I kinda forgot about “wave” though. My foster mom says it’s a typical case of “puppy brain”. I’m a puppy. I have a brain. So I’m not sure what it’s all about.


While we were celebrating, chillaxin’ and eating too much turkey, people were busy donating towards my vet bills! It is truly amazing and I feel loved!

Thank you Lisa and Lori for picking me to be the recipient of your yearly Christmas donation! I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you also for your donation towards the vet bills of “my sister from another mister” Teya! Also thank you for collecting food and treats for me and other Bully Buddies dogs! Mmmh cookies!

Thank you Miyeko for your donation towards my vet bills and Teya’s vet bills!

Thank you Janelle for your donation in Hercules’ memory!

Many thanks Gayle for your donation towards my vet bills!

Thank you Gloria for your donation in memory of Silver and Abe!

Thank you for your donation to Bully Buddies, Andrea!

You really made my Christmas very special! Thank you sooo much!

Pickles 1079a

Of course I still think it should all go towards my TOY FUND!

Pickles 1094a

PS – I walked 4.5 kilometers today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hai!

25 Dec

Pickles 1092a

Could I get some more turkey please???

Pickles 1085a

There’s no more turkey? Charlie ate it all? *gasp* That’s not fair!

Pickles 1088a

You were just kidding? Oh man, you got me good!

Pickles 1090a

Ok then, could I get some more turkey please? I’m even throwing in a cute crazy ear here!

Pickles 1084a

I hope you all had a wonderful time! I know I did. Mmmhhhh turkey!!!

Happy Holidays!

24 Dec

Happy Holidays everyone!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends!

Pickles 1070a

We are just hanging out here waiting for Santa Paws. We left him some milk and cookies. To be honest, I’m a bit worried. I’m sure you all remembered what I did to the little stuffed Santa toy the other day…. I think that might have landed me on the naughty list.

Pickles 1059a

I hope Santa Paws realizes that I’m just a cute wee girl who likes to have fun!

Pickles 924a

More boxes!

23 Dec

I love Christmas! I love it because I get boxes with cool stuff. My foster mom says I’m a very lucky girl! I definitely feel much loved!

On Wednesday Kerry and John from Wild at Heart were here again. MEAT DELIVERY, YEAH BABY! I love meat!!! But the best is that they donated another 25 lbs box meat JUST FOR ME! Thanks Kerry & John!!!


Pickles 945a

My foster mom participated in a Secret Santa and our awesome Secret Santa didn’t forget about me.

I got a really cool monkey, I love it!

Pickles 984a

Pickles 1000a

Pickles 958a

If you followed this blog for a while now, you know how it goes. No you don’t. See, monkey and I are just taking a nap.

Pickles 1024a

My foster mom asked me how I explain MONKEY BRAINS then.

Pickles 1007a

Seriously, look at me! If that’s not an innocent face, I don’t know what is!

Pickles 1020a

Thank you for my awesome monkey, Mary Sue!!!

(Some people asked what toys I can’t shred…. So far the Tuffy Toys Scale 9/10 and the West Paw Zogoflex Toys are holding up the best.)

My foster mom took a new video this morning. Wrestlemania! As you can see and hear, Charlie is teaching me well! We’re having such a blast together!