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Photo shoot

30 Jan

Just a quick preview from the shoot I did yesterday with Michal from Luv U Pets Photography


I know what you’re all thinking – NEXT TOP MODEL! Gisele B√ľndchen, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr etc GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Anyway, off to hydrotherapy and right after I’m hitting the road. If all goes well I’ll be back on Thursday!


Quick lesson

28 Jan

Ok, one more thing before I leave (announced in the previous post) – An important lesson for you guys:


Pickles 1850a


Pickles 1852a

It’s raining pancakes, hallelujah!

Pickles 1856a

The lesson is clear – When people carry food, jump up, take a bite and it’ll rain said food.

Hanging out with Otto

27 Jan


I had a few busy days.

Yesterday I went to hydrotherapy again like every Thursday. It was a great session and I learned a lot. I had two therapists in the water with me, I’m such a lucky girl! Jacqueline did a lot of body work with me and I liked that a lot. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep in the water. Being relaxed made me happy, I gave Jacqueline and Brenda lots of kisses. I was also finally relaxed enough to accept food rewards while in the water. It also made me want to work hard instead of just wanting to get out and go home.

Tonight I was hanging out with my buddy Otto

Pickles 1821a

He’s a naughty bunny, he likes to dig in that corner

Pickles 1834a

We make such a cute pair, don’t we?

Pickles 1826a

Ok, as if a bunny wasn’t already a distraction enough, see that wee brown thing in front of Otto’s nose? That’s a liver brownie my foster mom made. I love it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. And I’m not allowed to eat it because she said “Leave it”. I have to wait until she says “OK”. Oh boy. You have no idea how hard it is! But look at me, I’m such a good girl!

Pickles 1830a

Otto and I were hoping to find more cookies under the pillows but sadly there were none.

Pickles 1838a

Sometimes Otto “bakes” fresh treats for me, I always have to check and see if he’s “baking” more….

Pickles 1837a

Anyway, this might be the last post for a week or so as I’ll be insanely busy!

On Sunday I have a shoot with a professional photographer who is working on a book with rescue animals and their stories. That’ll be fun, I’m sure!

On Monday I have another hydrotherapy session.

Unfortunately I’m going away for a bit after that… I have to go back to the vet for a follow up appointment from my first surgery. The vet isn’t in town so I’ll be on the road for a few days and won’t have access to a computer. Please cross your fingers and paws that the vet is happy with my progress!


23 Jan

Today was my 4th hydrotherapy session with Jacqueline at Aqua Paws. At the moment I go to hydrotherapy twice a week.

Still not keen on the wet stuff. I don’t like to go outside when there’s just a light drizzle and here I am in a 20 x 8 ft pool. I’m not a water dog, that’s for sure. But I’m not panicky and it does help me get healthier. It also builds my confidence. I do love my therapist a lot, she’s really good to me and I get a lot of encouragement, praise and cookies.

This is where we often start, I feel safest there because I can stand. I used to be so scared that I couldn’t stand there by myself but I’m getting braver every time we go.

Pickles 1811a

Then I jump off into the deeper part…

Pickles 1809a

And swim a loop!

Pickles 1810a

Before I get back onto the ledge, I often do what is called “stationary swimming”. Jacqueline holds me and I paddle, paddle, paddle to try and get to the ledge.

Pickles 1812a

It’s nice to have Jacqueline in the water with me, I know she’s be there for me.

Pickles 1808a

Rainy day

22 Jan

It’s really wet out today, I’d rather stay in bed all day long.
Preferably under covers.

Pickles 1794

I like it!

21 Jan

I think I really outdid myself this morning!

But let’s start it with an update of my beloved Galileo. This is how it looks after 15 minutes of chewing. I took a night off last night and watched a movie in bed with my foster mom and foster brother. Still… Not too bad, eh?

Pickles 1760a

I killed off the last one of my Tuffy toys. I made sure my foster mom did a good job sweeping it up.

Pickles 1742a

Now remember where I’m sitting and how the couch looks like as we’ll come back to that.

My foster mom said that it’s usually cats who like to sit like that on a couch, but I assured her that I’m very much a dog. I just get a good view from up there plus it’s comfy!

Pickles 1751a

Anyway, this is where it gets really good….

Pickles 1770a

This, my friends, is a bag of flour. The bag of flour was inside a plastic bag. And was inside a tote bag. On top of a chair. You see, my foster mom likes to bake. She just happened to make something last night and forgot to put the flour back into the cupboard.

It smelled rather irresistible so I decided to explore it a little bit more and started chewing it. And then… well…. it fell off the chair and the rest is history. The noise alerted my foster mom and this is how she found me:

Pickles 1766a

Whole wheat flour, I like it! NOMNOMNOM!

Flour + my saliva = dough! (Check out my chin, you can see the lovely dough I made!)

Pickles 1768a

Pickles 1767a

Pickles 1761a

Hilary suggested that I was just trying to do a Chevy Chase impression. CLEARLY!


My mom’s friend Lynn suggested that I should go to clown college. SIGN ME UP!

Now to get back to the couch. My foster mom was busy cleaning up the flour (which I would have gladly done myself!) when I decided to try and make her laugh: PUPPY ZOOMIES! I came running full speed from the hallway and decided to jump straight up the back of the couch to where I was sitting before. Except I “failed” and crashed into the back of the couch. I fell and then continued on with my zoomies as if nothing happened. My foster mom claims that I can’t jump 3 feet and that’s why I crashed but I totally meant to do this to make her laugh! Oh and laugh she did!

I think my work here as a clown is done for today, you’re welcome. Time for a nap!

Pickles 1772a

Yay! I got a gift!

20 Jan

Dana came for a visit and brought me a gift – A Souper Galileo. Thank you so much, Dana!

Pickles 1687a

It says it’s for powerful chewers. Yup, sounds like me. A lot of people recommended it when I asked about tough toys. Some even claimed that it was indestructible!

Of course I went straight to work..

Pickles 1689a

Btw – See how I’m building muscles in those hind legs? Nice, huh? I’m bulking up! The good raw diet, regular exercise and hydrotherapy are working nicely!

Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew!

Pickles 1707a

Pickles 1720a

Pickles 1722a

Pickles 1729a

I even developed an awesome technique for holding the slippery Galileo

Pickles 1717a

Anyway, after just 5 minutes it looked like this:

Pickles 1737a

Needless to say – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Will report on my progress!

Some dogs like to dig to China… I like to chew!