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Happy Leap Day

29 Feb

Pickles 2281b
(Photo by Michal Russel from Luv U Pets)

I’m leaving in just a few minutes. My vet appointment is tomorrow. Might not be back until Tuesday, going to hang out with Chris & Deb and their lovely pack. I get to see my boyfriend Sawyer again, woohoo!

Thanks for all the well wishes! We will know more tomorrow, hopefully it’s nothing serious.


Locked up

28 Feb

I’m locked up. No, I wasn’t a naughty girl! I’m locked up because I’m having issues with my leg.

After my last post, I went to the soccer field. I was having a lot of fun and was running around a lot. Sure enough, all of the sudden I held my leg up again. After 5 minutes or so, I was using it again like nothing happened. I walked home and for the rest of the day acted as if nothing was wrong.

Yesterday I went to hydrotherapy again like every Monday. My therapist noticed that my range of motion was a bit limited and took it easy on me. I still ended up holding my leg up again, just for a few seconds though before I used it again.


On the way home, I lifted my leg up again, just for a few seconds as well before I was back to walking normally.

Either way, it was enough for my foster mom to worry, she contacted Bully Buddies so that we can make arrangements for me to go back to the vet. Until then, my foster mom is making me rest. Since I like to party when out and about, they have me locked up.

So what’s a girl got to do to keep busy?

Maybe some art?

Pickles 2429a

Working on some new modeling poses?

Pickles 2436a

Definitely working on some new tricks.

I’m working on “Sit Pretty” – It’s pretty hard to keep my balance!

Pickles 2433a

I’m taking “Leave it” to the next level

Pickles 2423a

And finally – La pièce de résistance: “Leave it”, even when it’s on my nose!

Pickles 2438a


26 Feb

Most people take this day to relax.

Me not so much. I’m working hard!

I’m working on another West Paw toy, this time it’s the Hurley. I’m now known as “Shreddinator”.

Pickles 2410a

My foster mom enjoys sewing a lot so I decided to help with that… Yup, I shredded my bed again, just so she can patch it up yet again. Aren’t I nice!?! Though she said something along the lines of “If you don’t stop shredding that bed, there soon won’t be any fabric left to patch it up and then you’ll have to sleep on the cold floor!”. I don’t know what her problem is, I’m just trying to help her.

Pickles 2404a

We’re soon off for a run & training session at the fenced in soccer field.

No rest for the wicked!

Little fish, big sea

23 Feb

Pickles 2370a

Went to hydrotherapy again today at Aqua Paws, just like every Thursday.

I might not look all that happy in the pictures, but let me assure you, I’m totally stoked about going to hydrotherapy and this is my “relaxed” face. The warm water, the massage… It’s just wonderful!

When we got within 1/2 block of hydrotherapy, I started to pull like a freight train. We had to wait in the parking lot for the other dog to come out first and I kept pulling to try and go in. When Jacqueline finally opened the gate to the yard and the dog came out, my foster mom dropped the leash and I just ran. I ran right past Jacqueline and Brenda, I ran straight to the pool and was doing a happy dance while I was waiting for everybody to finally come in to stop laughing. Apparently they all liked my entrance and said it was a great sign. I can’t believe that I used to put my breaks on and didn’t want to go just a few weeks ago.

I had another lovely session and I feel great!

After the session in the water, I always get cookies and snuggles from my therapists!

My leg seems ok too so I started to go for longer walks again.

Pickles 2364a

Pickles 2378a

By the way, meet my new friend Cassius:

Isn’t he handsome!?!?!

He is being fostered 2 houses over and I met him the other day. I love him! He is a big boy but he was so gentle with me! He let me pounce on him and then did lovely play bows.

He is looking for a forever home!

You can find out more about him on the Bully Buddies Website


22 Feb

I wasn’t too keen on getting out of my warm, cozy bed tonight to go for “a walk”. But once I realized where we were going, I was soooooooooooo excited. We went for pizza!!!! It’s only the second time I went there but I totally remembered all about it.

I LOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!
PIZZA MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only got the crust of a slice but I’m so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pickles 2347a

Pickles 2360a

Pickles 2353a

Pickles 2345a

I wish I could have pizza every day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I’m sure you are all wondering…

21 Feb

“How is Pickles doing?”

I think I will let the following pictures speak for themselves

Pickles 2291a

Pickles 2290a

Pickles 2294a

Pickles 2293a

I’m doing well!


Pickles 2300a

Thanks for all of your good thoughts and well wishes!

After some rest, my leg seems to be ok! My foster parents are still making me take it easy for a little while just to make sure.

You guys were right – My foster parents went up to Hastings today and they did bring me treats home!!!

They made me work for them though.

“Leave it” is hard. Especially if it’s for a dehydrated duck foot.

Pickles 2333a


Pickles 2335a


Pickles 2334a

But look what they made Charlie do for his. Pure torture, right?

Pickles 2332a

I also went to hydrotherapy again. We took it a bit easy there too… Lots of massage and floating. It was lovely. So lovely that it made me soooooooooooooo snoozy and relaxed. I almost fell asleep.

Pickles 2326a

Pickles 2331a

So sleepy!

Pickles 2330a

Pics, pics, pics!

20 Feb

I received the photos from the shoot a few weeks back with Michal Russell from Luv U Pets.

As I said before – There is a new supermodel in town and her name is PICKLES!

Pickles 2283b

Pickles 2282b

Pickles 2285b

Pickles 2284b

Not only am I stunning, I’m also a hard worker. The next shot shows me in mid air. I was bouncing up and down like this throughout most of the shoot without complaining once!

Pickles 2281b

Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games. I hurt myself Sunday morning. I was walking with my foster mom. One second I was fine, next second I wasn’t using one of my hind legs. It’s the one where I already had surgery back in November. My foster mom immediately got in touch with Bully Buddies as they have more experience.

They discussed that I should take it a bit easy and take some medication. Another Bully Buddies dog who had the same surgery 2 years ago, apparently sometimes stopped using his leg in the first 6 months after surgery.

After 30 minutes in the XPen, I was using the leg again no problem and when Shelagh from HugABull came for a visit, I was jumping up and down the second I smelled cheese. Mmmh cheese!

Anyway, plan is to take it easy for a few days, no trips up to Hastings Street to get cookies. *sniff* No cookies! My foster mom will monitor me closely and if there’s any more signs of trouble, I’m going to go and see the doctor again. Please send some good thoughts my way!