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Been busy….

31 Mar

Boo 648a

Yeah, I’m still sporting the cone even though my staples came out. I’m pretty rough when I groom myself and since the incision is still a bit itchy, especially with my hair coming back in, my foster parents want to make sure I leave it alone for a few more days.

So I’ve been busy bulldozing stuff!

I’ve only just started to take a few steps with my leg so I’m still mostly locked up unless my foster parents can watch me and keep me quiet. I want to party hard but apparently they have other plans. Pffft.

Thank goodness for all the bones, toys and treats people have been sending me, I’m sure I would have long gone crazy without them! Thanks again!!!



28 Mar

Attention please – I have some good news!!!

Boo 599a

I am staple free! I repeat – I AM STAPLE FREE!
One more step in the right direction!

Boo 586a


Boo 615a

I felt so good that I killed a dragon!

Boo 595a

Thank you Gail!!!!

26 Mar

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!!

I got another parcel today! This time all the way from Louisiana!

Boo 437a

It’s a parcel from Isabella, Rascal, Zoey, Jasper, Shiloh, Jake, Lulu and their wonderful mom Gail. How do I know this? I read the lovely letter they sent along! Gail’s 4 legged crew is super adorable!

Boo 503a

This, my friends, was my fav thing…. I’m sure you all go “blanket”

Boo 446a


It’s my very own invisibility cloak!!!

Boo 447a

It helps me sneak up and steal stuff… Nobody will see at thing!

Boo 450a

I however made a mistake today – After I grabbed the treats Gail sent me, I took of my invisibility cloak…

Boo 461a

I just about got through the wrapper when my foster mom said “Sorry Pickles, not today… You already had your bone this morning and we have to make sure you you stay lean because you’re gimpy!”

I denied it all but then she showed me this picture she took this morning…

Boo 403a

I was mad though! Pfft! I get a bone and then I have to wait to eat it!

Boo 471a

Next thing I knew, a snake jumped out of the box and tried to go straight for my throat!

Boo 470a

Luckily it missed and I managed to take it down! It was a close call though!

Boo 469a

Die, snake, die!!! You don’t mess with Pickles!

Boo 508a

After all the adventure, I finally settled down and went to work on my new Nylabone toy! Chewing relaxes me like nothing else! After the close call with the snake, I most definitely need some relaxation!

Boo 488a

Thank you so much for making my day Gail, Isabella, Rascal, Zoey, Jasper, Shiloh, Jake & Lulu!

In other news – My recovery report:

I’m still not using my leg that much so my other leg is doing most of the work. Until I start using that leg more, I’m mostly locked up or have to lay down. No walks yet, just potty breaks out to the curb and my foster parents carry me in and out.

Every night my foster mom and I read a book or watch a movie in bed and she massages and works that leg.

I sure am very grateful to the people who sent me/brought me toys and chews to keep me busy!

I got a whole bunch of my staples out but there’s 2 x 1 inch sections my foster mom is still a bit concerned so I still have a few staples but it’s only a matter of days.

I went through a bit of a growth spurt… I always get taller first and then I fill out again. So now I look tall and skinny but give it a week or two and I’ll fill out nicely again. I’m about 9 months old now and I’m 35 lbs.

National Puppy Day

23 Mar

It’s National Puppy Day!

In honor of that, a never seen before picture of yours truly

August2011 328a

And here’s an even earlier one, this was shortly after I was found. TINY! But as you can see, I was always such a trooper!


Hard to believe that I was so little just a few months ago!

Thank you Michelle & Sam!!!

21 Mar

I got to meet two of the lovely folks who run Bully Buddies – Michelle & Sam!

They brought me goodies & toys, oh yay!!!

Boo 128a

Dried salmon skin is soooooooo good!

Boo 110a

Boo 108a

Boo 112a

Boo 115a

Prison life is boring but I’m doing well! I finished my medication on Monday and my foster mom is going to take my staples on Friday. I’m looking forward to getting rid of my cone!

Party!!! Woohoo!!!

17 Mar

It’s Charlie’s birthday today and we’re having a party!!!

My foster parents said I’m like that one “special relative” we all seem to have. I have no idea what they mean by that, I was on my best behavior as you will all see!

Let’s get this party started!

Boo 143a

Boo 141a

My foster mom made a layered birthday cake using chicken liver, eggs, garlic, kelp and flax seeds.

Boo 132a

Topped off with a dehydrated duck foot!

Boo 134a


Boo 146a

I had to wait for my turn though…. It was Charlie’s turn first. I guess he is the birthday boy…

Boo 167a

So I just kept on partying! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Boo 151a


Boo 188a

Boo 189a

Boo 190a

AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna have a party every day from now on!!!!

Boo 153a

Sisterhood of the Cone of Shame!

16 Mar

You guys, you guys!!! I got a new sister today!!!!!!!!!!!!

My foster mom said something about “15 yr old at shelter, SUCKER stamped on forehead”

She is so cute! She is tiny! I first thought she might be a squeaky toy!

Boo 053a

I had to check really carefully to make sure but… she is a dog!

Boo 050a

She wears a cone just like me! Turns out she was a stray in the same city like me and landed at the same shelter. She is 15 years old. She is blind in one eye. She also just had surgery yesterday – She had an inguinal hernia that needed to be fixed and she also got a dental

Boo 048a

So naturally it can only mean one thing – SISTERHOOD OF THE CONE OF SHAME!

YAY! We’re so totally awesome!!! We’re going to take over the world!

Boo 074a

Even though she’s clearly not a Pit Bull, Bully Buddies have taken her in.

And guess what! She has her very own blog just like me! I’m sure I’ll show up on there now and then since we’re best friends! Check it out: Itty Bitty Boo

Bully Buddies also took in another dog from the same shelter today. She got to spend about 45 minutes here. Her name is Penny and she is LOVELY! She has a fractured pelvis just like I used to have so I feel her pain.

Isn’t Penny beautiful!?!

Boo 024a

PS – In case you are wondering about the duct tape on my cone…. I tried to eat it this morning and my foster parents had to perform “emergency surgery” on it.