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Thank you N/A Nothing Added!!!

27 Apr

As you know, I broke my healthy diet last night and had ice cream. Today I’m back to the healthy goodies!

I’m sure you all remember, how much I LOVE dehydrated duck feet – I blogged about them here, here, here and here.

You’re not going to believe what happened – The owner of N/A Nothing Added found out about me and how much I love their treats! They got in touch with my foster mom and I GOT A BOX TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that!?!?! You should all go buy their treats, they are soooooo good and healthy too!

You know me – I’m a workaholic, I never sleep on the job…. Needless to say I got started right away!

Boo 1168a

It was a big box so I had to work hard!

Boo 1169a

Almost there!

Boo 1183a


Boo 1185a

Oh, there’s more in there!

Boo 1194a


Boo 1200a

Look everyone, I can chew 4 at once! Now that’s talent!!!

Boo 1201a

Oh! DUCK FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a natural source of Glucosamine which is great for gimpy puppies like me!

Boo 1202a

Check out all these goodies the owner of N/A Nothing Added sent me!
Pizzles, beef heart, lamb tripe, duck feet, chicken feet, rabbit ears, pig snouts and anchovies from RawPaw

Boo 1164a

You guys, I don’t know where to start!

Boo 1207a

Maybe with the anchovies!?!

Boo 1206a

But they all smell so good!

Boo 1208a

So my foster mom suggested pig snouts….

She went “Oink, oink, oink, wouldn’t you make a cute piggy!?!”

Boo 1212a


Boo 1216a


Boo 1220a

Can we open my duck feet next!?!

Boo 1237a

Thank you sooooooooo much N/A Nothing Added for all the goodies!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! As hard as it is, I promise to share with Itty Bitty Boo and other Bully Buddies dogs



26 Apr

You are NOT going to believe what I just had. I still can’t believe it myself. It probably was the most delicious thing I’ve ever had!


Boo 1156a

My table manners went right out the door because I couldn’t contain myself!

Boo 1150a

*SLURP* More please!

Boo 1146a

They ended up having to lock me up in the XPen because I wouldn’t let Charlie and Boo have a turn…. But it’s sooooooooooo good!

Thank you Diana & Taylor!!!

25 Apr

Oh boy, oh boy! Big surprise today! I got another parcel!!!!

Charlie and my foster mom offered to help me with it but I said “No thank you, I’m good”. I’m doing better so surely I can open a parcel by myself!

Boo 1040a

Boo 1046a

Well hello there, little hole!

Boo 1048a

Getting there…

Boo 1054a

Now I just gotta get my teeth on whatever is in there and pull it out!

Boo 1061a

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is this Angry Birds toy!?!?!

Boo 1060a

Look what Diana & Taylor sent me! I love it!

Boo 1070a

The toy is awesome, look at me go!

Boo 1078a

Boo 1122a

Boo 1096a

Thank you so much Diana & Taylor! You really made my day!!!

Boo 1088a

PS – I’m walking up to 200 meter 3-4 times a day! Baby steps but we’re getting there! I’m going back to hydrotherapy again tomorrow 🙂

I’m walking

21 Apr

Look at me, I’m walking! Using all 4 legs!


I can’t go far yet, only about 100 meters in one stretch. I often forget to use that 4th leg, especially if I want to ter parents make me go sloooooooow and then I generally walk ok.

I also have to admit that I’m back to being pretty scared outside. I forgot about cars and all the noises while I was locked up but now that I can actually go outside… well, I get scared again. I start to shake, freeze and want to run home. As you know, just before my leg gave out, I managed to walk all the way up to scary Hastings Street. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to do it right now besides the fact that I can’t physically do it.

Still lots of work ahead of me… baby steps every day.

You know what’s totally awesome though? Playing with Charlie! SO MUCH FUN!!!

Boo 977a

Boo 998a

On Thursday I went to hydrotherapy again, this time with Brenda. I was working really hard and used all of my legs to swim. After my swim I got lots of cuddles from Brenda. Also lots of cookies. Mmmmh cookies!

Boo 923a


17 Apr

I went back to hydrotherapy!!!

I wasn’t sure where we were going at first. As you know I was locked up for so long, I was really surprised when we slowly started to walk away from the house.

After about 50 meters I started to panic. I was shaking & wanted to run back home. I forgot about all the cars and noises! After a few minutes I walked on. Once we got to the bottom of the street I REMEMBERED! I remembered hydrotherapy and I got really excited and just couldn’t get to the pool fast enough!

My foster parents were a bit nervous how I’d do with the water. As you know, I’m not fond of the water and it took a few sessions for me to start relaxing. But hey, I’m a pro now and I did really well! It was so nice to see my therapist Jacqueline again too!

I was using both legs and I stood nicely on the underwater bench! Yay me!

Boo 854a

Boo 858a

Boo 864b

After hydrotherapy, I had to walk home again and oh boy, that was hard. It’s only 100 meters away but walking is still a struggle. I came home and was exhausted & slept for a few hours. But after that I was good to go and wanted to play so although we reached my limit, we didn’t go over it where it would have caused me pain. I’m going back again on Thursday. Thanks AquaPaws!


16 Apr

I sure am happy to be able to have free range again!

I’m having soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with Charlie!!! I love him! I think he likes me too!!!



My foster mom loves it especially when we play right above her head!


I kissed a boy and I liked it!!!


But you know who doesn’t love me? Boo!

She wants to eat me alive!

Boo 841a

So I go “NO BOO!”

Boo 842a

Let me sniff your butt instead!

Boo 843a

And then she gets get up and is mad

Boo 844a

… and wants to eat me again!

Boo 840a

I just want to be friends! Why does she LOVE CHARLIE but not me? I’m trying so hard!!!!

My fosters say that I have to stop and try so hard. They want me to just lay there and wait….  Something about “Boo had too many puppies in her life and is done with them”.

But well, how is one supposed to make friends that way? I’m convinced that one makes friends by sniffing butts, giving kisses & playing!


14 Apr

So I wasn’t all that happy yesterday when I found out that I had to walk on my own.

But you know what, I changed my mind. Having to walk on my own means that I get free range again. And I get to play with Charlie and that makes me happy!


Boo 797a

Boo 806a

Boo 805a

Boo 814a

Boo 812a

I’m pretty stunning, huh?