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Say cheese!

30 May



28 May

aggie 227a

Hahahaha, just kidding!

I love hydrotherapy!

Today I was so excited to go, that I was running downhill. My foster mom had a hard time keeping up!

I worked really hard again in the water and it shows – My muscles are building up nicely!

When I got out of the water today, my foster parents were thrilled to see that for the first time ever, I stood like a normal dog – My hind legs were parallel to each other. Apparently that’s a great thing. Usually my left leg leans to the right and when I stand, I often rest my left foot on top of my right foot. That apparently is not how it’s usually done.

You know what else? I’m starting to be really bouncy again!

I’m definitely feeling better and getting stronger every day!

Thank you Long Live Cats and Dogs!

27 May

I just had a special treat! NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My foster dad went to Long Live Cats and Dogs, our awesome pet store in the neighborhood, to pick up some noms.

Even though Boo and I have only been there once so far because of our health troubles, we’ve apparently made a big impression (or maybe Charlie just charmed them both?) – The lovely owners sent us pups a super yummy buffalo liver cake home with our foster dad. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

If you are in Vancouver, go check them out! They carry really yummy treats, healthy food and lots of locally made products! They carry the duck feet (and other products) by N/A Nothing Added I love so much!

We just had a little picnic outside. Food and good company makes me forget all about how scary the outside world can be – AWESOMESAUCE!

Look at Charlie and me – We’re clearly the good dogs here. Boo is the wee brat who is convinced that sit/stay doesn’t apply to her!

aggie 140a

Waiting is soooooooooooooo hard! But I’ve worked on my self control a lot!

aggie 132a

Ready, set, go!

aggie 160a

If you’re wondering where Boo is now…. She recently had pancreatitis so she’s currently on a special diet. We saved her a piece though hopefully for a later time.

Mine, all mine!

aggie 163a

Lip smacking good!

aggie 166a

I stole a huge piece and took off with it so I could eat it in peace…

aggie 169a

aggie 175a


aggie 173a

Making sure that there are no crumbs left…

aggie 179a

Good morning!

25 May

Noon Vancouver time:

pickles 523a

pickles 521a

*yawn* Good morning! That’s right people, I’m just waking up now! A girl like me needs her beauty sleep. Plus… I’ve been partying it up pretty good last night as you might guess from the mess in my XPen….

pickles 520a

I attended a cookie party last night… It involved yummy dehydrated elk heart I got from my friend Miyeko over the weekend.

First we had to do silly tricks like sit…. I’m a pro at this now!

pickles 500a

And once we did that, we had to catch the cookie. I’m so awesome at this, look at me go!

pickles 492a

pickles 493a

pickles 501a

pickles 504a

pickles 506a

pickles 514a

pickles 505a

pickles 512a

pickles 510a

pickles 518a

My awesomeness got me a new nickname – COOKIE MONSTER


24 May

Did you have a good long weekend?

We had a lazy weekend! It was POURING here and you know what they say about Pit Bulls – Pit Bulls are made from sugar and will melt in the rain! Needless to say I don’t want to melt so I didn’t want to go outside at all.

Spent a lot of time snoozing in my sleeping bag – BLISS!

My friend Miyeko stopped by for a visit and brought me treats! NOM! Thanks again, Miyeko!

pickles 341a

Now that I’m feeling better each day, Charlie and I have A LOT of fun together! WRESTLEMANIA!

pickles 327a

pickles 257a

We’re best friends forever!

pickles 290b

He is sooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!

pickles 319a

Today is Thursday and you know what that means – HYDROTHERAPY!

Check it out, I’m standing a lot better now

pickles 385a

pickles 388a

I like smoochies!

pickles 390a

FLOATING! As always floating = relaxed puppy = Sleepy puppy. Ok, fine. I clearly haven’t learned my lesson last week. I just can’t help myself. You should try it!

pickles 420a

This is currently all the range of motion I have in my left leg. My left leg is the one that had severe external injuries, it also shorter than my right leg. The left leg is also the leg that was operated on the last so I’m still recovering from that. My right leg is a lot better. But you know what, I’m getting better every day. I’m working hard every day and I’m sure that will improve as well though I’ll never be 100%.

pickles 417a

See – I’m working hard!

pickles 412a

pickles 428a

I’ve become such a good, strong swimmer in the recent weeks, that Brenda and Jacqueline can barely keep up when they let me go… So one of them ended up waiting for me at the other end of the pool.

pickles 402a

The best part – Snuggles and cookies after I’ve worked hard!

pickles 461a

Important lesson

17 May

I learned a very important lesson today – Do NOT fall asleep when you’re in water!

I went to hydrotherapy again today and I was all relaxed as I was getting my massage…

pickles 135a

I was also soaking up all the love I was getting from Jacqueline…

pickles 130a

Warm water, massage, kisses….. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relaxed and got a little sleepy and decided to close my eyes for just a second….

pickles 127a

Next thing I knew, my head hit the water. Let me tell you, not a very nice gentle wake up call. It scared the bejesus out of me! Falling asleep when you’re in a pool? Not a good idea!

And would you believe it – My foster parents and Jacqueline thought it was hilarious and had a good laughter at my expense! So embarrassing!

Other than that, the session went great! I worked really hard and it is really helping me immensely!

pickles 133a

pickles 138a

pickles 143a

Hide & Seek

13 May

My foster mom is nursing a pulled muscle so she couldn’t entertain me as usual yesterday.

I was bored so I decided to play hide & seek with my foster dad last night. He came to the XPen to take me out for a last pee at 4 am and he couldn’t find me! He thought he hadn’t locked me up properly. He ended up looking through the whole apartment and expected to find me in a de-stuffed couch or bed. When he couldn’t find me, he came back to the XPen and he finally spotted me. It was great fun!

I tried to play the same game with my foster mom just now.

pickles 002a

pickles 006a

pickles 004a

Dang! She found me already! What gave me away!?!

pickles 013a

Did I mention I just got this bed a little over a week ago? Impressive, I know!

Happy Mother’s Day!