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It’s a great day!

21 Jun

Hydrotherapy! I’m going to hydrotherapy!!!!!!!

garden 112b

But you know what, waiting to go in to hydrotherapy sucks!

I’m trying everything to get away and run in…. pulling, even backing out of my collar.

garden 121a

ACK! Waiting is booooooooooooooooooooooooring!

garden 108a

Oh boy, I was working soooooooooooooo hard today! Jacqueline, Brenda and my foster parents were amazed. I was really kicking my back legs and I was standing nicely. I also managed to really stretch my left leg, the furthest thus far!

garden 130a

Uhm, hello!?! Some privacy please? Remember, you were going to document how my walking is getting better!?!

garden 163a

I suppose with 30000 hits on my blog I should be used to be a public figure by now, puparazzi and all… That’s right, people! 30000 hits on my blog!!!

Anyway, this is better… Look at me! So much better than just a few days ago!

garden 176a

Do you know what else is great? The Bully Buddies auction is going well! Luna has her ACL surgeries paid for and we’re working hard to try and cover Boo’s and Mouse’s bills. Or at least part of it because there’s A LOT OF VET BILLS. Ha! At $4200 I still hold the record. Bully Buddies is so awesome to help all of us special pups, please support them and hop over to the auction and BID!


Do you know what’s not so awesome? Leak. Leak from the sewer. We have it! So if you won’t hear from me for a bit, it’s because my foster mom got tired of the noise, dirt and construction and packed us all up and headed to Alaska. Ok. One can dream.



19 Jun

Did you hear!?!

A massive tornado hit Vancouver last night!

It hit us real bad here! It was centered right in my XPen! YIKES!

garden 014a

Please come on in, let me show you the damage!

garden 023a

My poor chair!!!!

garden 027a

There was no tornado in Vancouver? *snort* You caught me!

garden 025a

Dear foster mom, could you please take the other cushion down for me so I won’t have to sleep on the floor pretty please!?!

garden 028a

I promise I won’t shred it! No, I’m not licking my chops in preparation for Shredfest 2012!

garden 026a

Oops. I don’t know what happened there

garden 029a

Heeeheee! I’m SUPERBAD!

garden 034a

High 5! I said I would get the job done!

garden 040a

Free dog to good home?

garden 042a

Nah, you wouldn’t do that, I’m far too cute and I make you laugh and laugh!

garden 037a

My foster mom wants me to tell you that the irony isn’t lost on her – She currently has 10 dogs bed here that are being auctioned off for Bully Buddies….

I suggested that she should start bidding on all of them 😉

Bully Buddies Rescue Online Auction

18 Jun

As you know, I’m a very lucky girl – All my vet bills have already been covered thanks to all of you, my generous friends! I’m not the only dog who needs help though, Bully Buddies is constantly taking in new dogs and in order to be able to continue to do that, they are doing something called “fundraiser”. There is currently one under way.

100% of the money raised will go towards their vet bills to help dogs like my foster sister Itty Bitty Boo but also my very special new friends Luna and Mouse.

Btw – I met Luna the other day. She is AWESOME! I LOVE HER!


The Bully Buddies Online Auction will take place June 18 – 24, 2012.

Please check our Facebook Page to bid on the various items. Thank You for your support!

Please click on the picture to enlarge it!

Many thanks to our wonderful donors!

We couldn’t have done it without your generosity!


April Dayton





Pet Planet







The Blending Bar Aromatherapy





Revolution Pump Service





Kali Yoga Inc.








Denise Mathiesen – Lovin My Lashes









Run Free Canine Center













Wild At Heart










Luv U Pets






Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions







Steveston Gym






Mint Your Health Place






Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa






Paragon Surfacing Ltd.







Sylvia Su – Health Beauty and Wellness
Cell: 604-528-1188







Vancouver TheatreSports Leage





It Works!
Angel Britton – Independent Distributor





Cali Girl Collars






N/A Nothing Added





RawPaw Natural Foods







Bully Buddies volunteer Wendy 



Friends of Mouse


An anonymous Bully Buddies adopter

Bully Buddies adopters Gianna & Steve

Urban Barn

Jean Ballard –

Bully Buddies’ own Sam K.

Mike and Lanie – Luna’s first foster home and friend

Team 1040 Radio

Kristy W.

maripottery –

A Bully Buddies foster

*squeal* Look what I made!

17 Jun

I’ll give you a hint:

aggie 874a

And another one:

aggie 884a

That’s right people, I made another sleeping bag!

Having said that, I seem to have some problems fitting in it….

aggie 886a

I certainly try my hardest to fit….

aggie 888a

Oh… getting closer!

aggie 896a

Maybe if I flip my head this way?

aggie 898a

Ok, so that doesn’t quite work yet as well as I had it planned. Will have to continue my work….

aggie 885a

Please don’t forget the Bully Buddies online auction! It is starting tomorrow on the Facebook page. There’s some really neat items you can bid on. 100% of the money goes towards the vet bills to help dogs like myself, my foster sister Itty Bitty Boo, my friend Mouse, Luna and many others! Thank you so much for your support!


Hydro Bliss!

14 Jun

Thursdays means hydrotherapy.

I love, love, love hydrotherapy!

It makes me happy!

aggie 814a

Deliriously happy!

aggie 815a

The pool is right over there, seeing it makes me happy!

aggie 818a

Dear foster dad, can you please open the door so I can run inside!?!

aggie 801a

How about now!?!

aggie 806a

Waiting is boring and no fun!

aggie 810a

Luckily they let me in shortly after and I had a good session with Brenda and Jacqueline. Jacqueline said that I was working really hard!

Since I was working really hard, do I get a cookie please???

aggie 856a

Phew, that was exhausting!

aggie 859a

I need a nap!

aggie 871a


12 Jun

Did you hear, there was a Chupacabra sighting right here in Vancouver!

aggie 698a

Hahahaha! Just kidding! It’s just me doing a silly yawn after hydrotherapy!

You know how it goes when I’m at hydro… the warm water, the floating, the massage, the hard work….

aggie 694a

aggie 692a

This is why I’m working so hard! See my left hind leg? That’s not how it’s supposed to look! I tend to walk on just my outside toes so my leg bows. My left leg is the one that had the severe external injuries. It is also a bit shorter than my right leg and it’s the leg that was operated on last. So needless to say, it needs work.

aggie 716a

Ever since we started to work on proper leg/foot placement at hydrotherapy, I have gotten a lot better. I just sometimes forget. My foster mom often reminds when when I stand and eat for example and then I correct myself. I do it correctly more and more with each day.

See – I can do it properly!

aggie 675a

Anyway, we’ll continue to work hard.

Plus even with my gimpy legs, I’m STUNNING!

aggie 708a

I’m also getting around really well. My foster mom tried to get a picture earlier today of me doing zoomies but this is all she got:

aggie 724a

Hahahaha! I’m too fast!

I’m sure most of you have met my new friend Mouse by now but just in case you haven’t, here you go:


Isn’t he the most precious little thing!?!?! He’s a 2 week old Chihuahua who was dumped when he was just a week old. Another wonderful Bully Buddies volunteer is bottle feeding him and well… we’re all smitten!

There are many more pictures on the Bully Buddies Facebook Page. Watching him grow is really amazing to see!

I also would like to spread the word about an upcoming Bully Buddies fundraiser – They’re doing an online auction. There’s lots of awesome items coming up including a stay at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa, movie tickets, dog beds, dog supplements, yoga passes, dog stairs etc etc etc. So please check it out and bid high so that Bully Buddies can continue to help special dogs like myself, my friend Mouse, my foster sister Boo, Luna and many others! Thank You for your support!


My chair

10 Jun

As you know, I unfortunately had to say goodbye to another one of my beloved beds last week… I don’t know why this keeps happening.

Anyway, my foster parents decided to try something new and they got me my very own chair! AWESOMESAUCE!!!

It’s so comfy!

Add sun to that and well.. I was out like a light!

aggie 625a

When I woke up, I immediately noticed something was wrong with my bed – Somebody had chewed a corner off! Whoever did this also removed a whole bunch of buttons! *GASP*

aggie 650a

I’d like a refund! Or a cookie…. Yeah, a cookie might help me get over this horrible shock about what happened to my new chair!

aggie 651a

No cookie? My fault? I should be ashamed of myself?

I don’t think so, I slept for hours!

aggie 659a

There clearly must have been an intruder!

No intruder? Nobody can break in or out of the XPen? It’s not nice to lie?

Ok fine, it was me. I’m ashamed, I’m so sorry….

aggie 654a

…. that I slept on the job! I promise to finish the chair tomorrow and then cookies, yes?

aggie 640a