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Hi strangers!

31 Jul

Remember me?

garden 821a

I know, it’s been a while!

Things have been a tad crazy here… As you know we had a big leak here in mid June and while it’s no longer dripping, they are still in the process of fixing it and the whole place is a bit of a disaster zone. My foster mom’s computer also caught a nasty virus and according to her, the other computer is a “PITA”.

We were busy! I met lots of nice people who came and picked up their items they won in the Bully Buddies auction. Some even brought me gifts, yay! I also got a few more parcels, woohoo! We will catch up on all of that after all of this is over and my foster mom has her computer back.

I met up with a trainer – Sarah from Bad Dogs Gone Good. 2 hours and my brain was fried but she said that I’m a very good girl and that we’re on the right track, just gotta be patient. So we’re doing lots of clicker training outside and when I walk off the property it’s always a big party. But sometimes I’m still too scared….

I’m still a regular at hydrotherapy… twice a week.

I’m on a new supplement and it seems to help along with hydrotherapy and everything else because I can jump up on the bed again which I haven’t been able to do since my second surgery. I also like to do jump on and off the couch and do zoomies.

I also met a celebrity on Sunday – Chevy Stevens came to meet me, Charlie and Boo! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice and didn’t mind me giving her kisses. There are pictures on her Facebook page.

Apparently I’m still a cheeky monkey….

garden 841a

They also call me dork a lot… and yup, everybody always mentions my ears when they first meet me.

garden 842a

I learned all about playing tug…

garden 844a

garden 853a

There’s a video of Charlie and me playing tug on the Bully Buddies Facebook page.

Charlie and I still wrestle ALL THE TIME.

garden 868a

I go to the park quite a bit now, just me and my foster mom. I get to wrestle a lot with other dogs there. I’m also a regular at the community garden. It’s very peaceful there and I like to play with the hose. All the gardeners like me a lot.

So yes, we’ve been keeping busy! Hopefully things will soon be be back to normal so I can catch up on blogging. They almost fixed one hole…. one more to go…. but at least once they fixed the first one, we’ll get our big walk in closet and wardrobe back and we can put all the stuff away. The other hole is right above my XPen. I’m pushing for letting me run wild in the apartment but my foster said something like “We just bought that couch a year ago and would like to have it with us for at least another 4 years”. So I’m guessing that means no and that they’ll just move the XPen somewhere else. Maybe around the couch, yes?

I almost forgot… Something you clearly all want to know, I’m sure… YUP, I STILL SHRED. A LOT.



7 Jul

I woke up yesterday and my foster mom went “Happy Birthday, Picks!” and gave me a bit smooch. I knew right then that my day was going to be great!

After our walk, my foster mom went into the chicken and pulled out 7 lbs of chicken liver and went to work.

I wasn’t so sure at the beginning what she was working on….

garden 551a

garden 552a

But then I knew – Liver cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garden 557a

She said that this one is for me. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

garden 568a

The cake decoration btw is thanks to Amanda and her lovely family who stopped by a few days ago and brought me goodies! I still have to blog about that but it will come!

I also got to lick out the frosting bowl! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

garden 566a

She sat me on the couch and explained that this day is all about me! I like the sound of that!!!

garden 475a


garden 495a

She then made it rain cookies! COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garden 481a

garden 484a

There’s more you say!?!

garden 507a

TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got new toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could this day get any better!?!?!

garden 511a

I of course went straight to work!

garden 523a

So… at about 2:30 pm this was me – PASSED OUT! TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

garden 450a

garden 451a

My foster mom let me sleep until the evening. My foster sister Boo also had a little seizure during that time but luckily she bounced back fast and could join us!

All was ready for the party

garden 580a

The guests were there too!

While Charlie was waiting patiently…

garden 608a

… Boo showed what neat party tricks she’s got up her sleeves!

garden 596a

garden 602a

garden 606a

Well, I finally arrived to my own party and made it very clear I didn’t want to socialize but wanted to get straight to the cake!

garden 615a

They said “leave it” but I said “Screw this, this is MY party! And if you won’t bring the cake to me, I’ll perform a circus trick and go to the cake!”

garden 619a


garden 626a

What? Do I have something stuck to my nose!?!?!

garden 628a

More please!

garden 639a


garden 651a

Charlie got mad and said that he wasn’t so greedy when it was his birthday, that he shared it nicely! He’s right. I got greedy. I apologized with a kiss….

garden 656a

…. and let the others have some cake!

garden 658a

garden 667a

garden 671a

They were so nice and left me some cake!

garden 660a

*slurp* I wish it was my birthday every day!!!

garden 663a

My foster mom wanted to continue celebrating by giving us all our bi-weekly paw-dicure but we kindly declined. I can’t believe she wanted to ruin our fun day! Pffft! But tomorrow she can bribe us giving us our paw-dicure with a little more cake!

Just a quick update

5 Jul

I’m alive and well!

garden 307a

The Bully Buddies auction was a huge success, we raised $3700 for dogs in need just like I was! Thank you so much to everybody who bid!

I’m especially thankful that my friend Gail bid on items because she bought me a new bed!!!!!!!!!!! So so happy!

garden 187a

But then my foster mom took it away again. Something about not being able to document my art project properly…

You see, we’re dealing with some stuff…. A few weeks ago we had a massive leak here and since then things have been a little crazy. First it was dehumidifiers and fans… and well now they are cutting out our whole ceiling and we can’t even get out through our door but have to climb over the patio… There’s also stuff everywhere because it hit a big walk in closet and wardrobe. Basically it looks as if I had a party in the whole apartment! Ha!

But see… this is no fun! This was our lobby but that’s going to be our place in just a few hours.

garden 411a

But you know what, we’re still going to have fun tomorrow because I’m getting two visitors all the way from Switzerland!!!! My foster parents are excited too, they said something about chocolate and how they are not going to share with the dogs. Something about it’s not good for us. Pffft.

I also had another awesome visitor this week – Amanda and her family including their super cute Frenchie came for a visit! They won an item in the auction but you know what, they also brought me gifts!

garden 405a

I was thrilled but my foster mom said that I have to wait, that she wants to document again. Not fair!

My foster mom was also busy getting ready to show her first photograph at a gallery. Look, it’s Charlie! He’s going to hang in a gallery, he’s famous!!! He’s also going to be in a book!

garden 400a

It’s part of the This is East Van project.

Oh more big news! I’m going to work with a trainer! I know what you’re thinking – “Pickles, a trainer? But she’s already totally AWESOMESAUCE!”. Yup, I thought the same thing but my foster parents said I’m a bit quirky. With with a little help & hard work I could become SUPERAWESOMESAUCE and well… who wouldn’t want to be SUPERAWESOMSAUCE!?!?! I’m going to be working with Sarah from You might remember that her and her wonderful students from The Breakfast Club raised a whole bunch of money towards my vet bills so it’ll be nice to say thank you in person!

And finally – I’m going to turn 1 on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, we don’t actually know my exact birthday but I was about 8 weeks old when I was found on August 31 last year… so that would make it around July 6 so that’s what it is! I hear there’s going to be CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And party hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a few people emailed and said that they want to sent me parcels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, stay tuned for a post AFTER things have calmed down around here. It’ll be good, I’m sure you all remembered when we celebrated Charlie’s birthday a few months back!