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One year ago today…

31 Aug

I was hit by a car.
August 31, 2011
We later also found out that both of my femur heads were shattered.

Here are some pictures from the first month after I was found while I was going back and forth between the shelter and the vet just about every day…






Multiple surgeries, lots of hydrotheraphy sessions, lots of TLC from my foster family and this is me a year later:


Couch zoomies are the best! And yes, I’m still a little clumsy sometimes 😉

I can finally be a real puppy! I can run, I can play, I can jump! I am a survivor!

To celebrate my comeback, my foster mom thawed a liver cake she hid in the freezer. CAKE!!!!!! Unfortunately I have to wait until later in the evenin – I have hydrotherapy at 7:15 pm and my foster mom doesn’t want me tooting in the pool like I have before after my birthday cake. I say gas powered me is awesome and would like to have cake NOW but no… Apparently we have to think of my poor hydrotherapists 😉

Many thanks to all the people who made my recovery possible – Bully Buddies, the many people who donated towards my vet bills, the many people who sent me toys/treats/food, my lovely hydrotherapists, the people who drove me back and forth from the shelter and the vet! Thank you!!!

I still have to work on my fear issues when outside but I have made tremendous progress in the last 2 weeks and if I continue making progress like I have, I should be ready for adoption in a few weeks. Stay tuned!



30 Aug

As part of the apparently never ending renovations due to the leak we had mid June, my foster parents had to move the table behind the couch again.

I took the opportunity and had a lovely tete-a-tete lunch with my foster dad…

Picks 096a

Oh yay, mac & cheese, my fav!

Picks 079a


Picks 078a

Hello there – I’m still waiting for my share!

Picks 084a

It smells so good! I can almost taste it from here!

Picks 100a

How about now, can I have some!?! Pretty please!!!

Picks 099a

What do you mean “bad dogs don’t get anything!”!?! I just wanted to have a lovely tete-a-tete lunch with my foster dad!

Picks 087a

My foster mom finally took me aside and said that if I’m good and let her clip my nails, I’d get a cookie. I was good… Yay cookie!

Picks 125a

Hello, hello!

29 Aug

I know, I know…. It’s been a long time since I blogged. Still living in a construction site. My foster mom’s computer still has a virus.

But we’ve been keeping busy!

A few weeks back I went to the VEV Pet Social. I was really scared walking there but once I was there I did really well and had fun!

This is me and my friend Brando. He’s an ambassadog like me!


I was more than happy to smooch people, even complete strangers!


Then a celebrity came and visited me! Mouse and his foster mom stepped by!!! Mouse is so tiny!!!

mouse 005a

mouse 004a

Mouse has since been adopted by his foster mom #2. Yay Mouse!

I still go to hydrotherapy with the lovely ladies from Aqua Paws!

I work hard…

mouse 127b

Floating is bliss!!!

mouse 140a

I got a parcel from Meghan and Spud! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!

garden 920a

garden 933a

I also got a parcel from Danielle again! THANK YOU DANIELLE!!! Unfortunately I can’t find the pics right now of me opening the box but I can show you what I did with all the “art supply” I got from Meghan and Danielle. Pretty sure it’s a masterpiece!

Picks 031a

I could do this in my sleep! Maybe I should try it blindfolded next!?!

Picks 026a

I’ve been working hard on my fear issues when outside. My foster mom says that I did really good in the last week and that slowly I’m getting better. Of course just today I completely froze when we went for a walk and refused to go on. I can’t help it, sometimes I get so scared, I just want to run home where I feel safe.

Been working hard on tricks

Beef liver on my nose…

Picks 054a

Beef liver on my footsies

Picks 060a

My foster mom also got the crazy idea to try and teach me how to paint. Yup, you read that right. PAINT. She came across this video and decided that *we* need a challenge. Clicker training is fun but it’s hard! We had two short sessions so far and I already know how to grab the brush and I also know how to touch the canvas (check it out!) but I can’t put the two things together yet. Hold and touch. Oh boy. Charlie managed to hold the brush AND touch the canvas in his first session but then he seemed to have forgotten it all for the second session. Ha! Don’t know if we’ll ever pull this off, we’ll certainly try but painting might not be my strength… My foster mom says she can’t paint/draw either so it might just run in the family 🙂

PS – I still make funny faces when I try to catch a cookie…

Picks 045a

So mean!

1 Aug

I can’t help it, I’m screen door challenged!