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Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!

27 Oct


I hope you’re doing well! I’m doing great!!!!

Still in my foster home waiting for my forever home! We’re in no rush, we just want to find that perfect home for me.

It’s been raining a lot but you know what – I’m doing alright! Last year, I refused to go outside. I’m still not fond of it but I’m a big girl now and I can do this! I actually have been doing really well! I used to freeze at the door and sometimes it took my foster parents 5 minutes just to coax me to the sidewalk but nowadays I run right outside. I also walk right off the property and go for walks willingly. I still like it better indoors but I’m starting to have fun outside.

We went for a long walk this morning, hoping to spread some love about Pit Bulls. Funny enough the only people we encountered in the rain were other “bully breed” people, a man and his lovely Bull Terrier that he rescued from Ontario and my BFF Stella the French Bulldog with her mom.

Now we’re snuggled up here in bed. My foster mom said that if I’m good and blog, I get to have a treat.

So…. can I have my treat now pretty please!?!



One year ago….

4 Oct

I was a wee tiny puppy who arrived here in my foster home. I was terrified of people and terrified of dogs. I was malnourished and suffered from a broken pelvis, two shattered femur heads and external injuries.

This is me one year later:


I’m HAPPY! I love people, I love dogs. I’m at a perfect weight. My pelvis and external wounds have healed and both of the shattered femur heads have been removed and with it, the pain is gone. I’m still a bit scared outside but I’m now going for walks readily, even without my canine siblings.

It means that I’m officially up for adoption!

Bully Buddies, my foster family and myself are not in any rush to “get rid” of me. We are looking for that perfect forever home for me.

You can read more about what we’re looking for on my adoption profile on

In other news…

Can you please help my friend Bev get a butt tattoo? “Butt tattoo” you ask? Well, let me explain:

My friend Bev runs West Coast Rottweiler Rescue. They are going to have a pub night fundraiser on November 17. They are also starting a new fund, the JAYDA’S LEGACY FUND. Jayda’s family found themselves with huge vet bills from complications of a surgery preformed at a local hospital. They were at a stage where they just couldn’t go on without help. When we heard of the problem WCRR decided to try to help. Jayda is recovering and will be fine. But WCRR has decided to continue to raise funds in her name. All the funds in Jayda’s Legacy will be earmarked to help dogs whose family can no longer continue their care.

If WCRR can raise $1500 for Jayda’s Legacy Fund by November 17, my friend Bev has agreed to get a tattoo that says “PROPERTY OF WCRR”. Yes, she is THAT dedicated to animal rescue! Two years ago, she agreed to have a pie smashed into her face and last year she shaved her head (see pics here).

So let’s get Bev her butt tattoo, please donate towards the Jayda’s Legacy fund! You can donate through the CanadaHelps WCRR page.

You can find out more about the West Coast Rottweiler Rescue by checking out their website.

Anyway, back to Bully Buddies business:

My friend Luna is now also ready for her forever home after receiving lots of TLC in her fantastic foster home


Luna’s adoption profile:

My tiny foster sister Boo is also *still* looking for a forever home as well!


She stole that bully stick from me!

Her adoption profile can be found here:

My foster mom also decided she’d like to grow pickles on her patio:



Somehow I don’t think that’s how you grow pickles 😉

And this is the view she gets when she’s trying to read in bed:


Usually my foster brother joins me and then we play inches in front of her face. It’s a lot of fun!