Thank you Meghan!!!!

25 Jan

I received a wonderful parcel from Meghan! Check it out! I’m such a pro by now when it comes to opening parcels. I’m so good at it, that my foster parents hired me as paper shredder, I prep all the cardboard for the recycling box.

In other news – I HAVE GRADUATED TO THE BIG BED! That’s right! I have matured a little over the last few weeks. I’m starting to know the difference between my toys and my foster parents’ stuff. I know I’m allowed to chew my toys but apparently chewing their stuff is baaaad. So…. They now trust me loose in the house for some time and I have been loose in the house at night because I just go and sleep under my foster mom’s duvet all snuggled up against her. She says I’m an awesome little bedbug and it’s really nice to have a warm little puppy under the duvet during those cold winter nights. Her only complaint – Apparently I snore. I also did one of my famous fart n’ dashes the other day. I tooted loudly under the duvet and then dashed out leaving my foster mom suffer.

I’m doing really well outside too. We took it really slow over the past 6 months until I was really comfortable and wouldn’t panic anymore. Now we’re expanding my comfort zone and although I’m a bit nervous, I don’t panic and look to my foster parents and canine siblings for guidance. I sometimes even ask to take a longer route now if I see one of my friends up the street. It no longer takes me 15 minutes to get out to the door or an hour just to go around the block. My foster parents often praise me and say that I’m a very brave girl.

I’m still looking for my forever home. My foster parents wish they could keep me but apparently “strata” (whatever that is) says that they are only allowed one permanent dog. I suggested that they send Charlie away and keep me instead but they said that he’s still their #1 and that they are responsible dog owners. They are buying a lottery ticket every week though 😉

If you are interested in adopting me, you can find more on the Bully Buddies website

Btw – My foster mom also posted some other videos and pictures of me on the Bully Buddies FB page. Her computer still has a virus and she doesn’t like to type a lot on the laptop so we’ve been more active on FB lately than the blog.


3 Responses to “Thank you Meghan!!!!”

  1. Jean B January 25, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    Pickles, you have been learning so much, and you sure are a lucky pup to have such great foster parents. I sure hope whoever adopts you gives you computer access so you can continue with your blog.
    Okay, I really wish you could just come here and be my bed bug and open packages for me. I think the old dogs around here might be a little less welcoming of an active young girl like you though.
    You sure make me smile.

  2. Miyeko January 26, 2013 at 7:42 pm #


    Wow! You are a great shredder. I really enjoyed watching you tear into the box.

    I really hope and pray you will find your forever home soon. I will be sorry to not seeing your videos once you do.

    Congratulations on sleeping in a real bed. You lucky girl.

    I you are looking wonderful, you are so lucky to have such wonderful foster parents.

    Miyeko, Tai, KoKo & LoLo

  3. Polly Woo January 28, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

    Pickles, how about your foster parents just foster you FOREVER, then technically you aren’t permanent. 😀

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