Toy & Bone Fund

All of my vet bills and hydrotherapy are covered! Thank you so much!

If you followed my blog closely, you’ll know how much I love my toys and bones!

So my foster mom decided to start my Toy & Bone Fund.

100% of the money from the sales go towards my toys and raw bones/food.

If you are interested in buying any of these fundraiser items, please email my foster mom at

Little Pouches:

Perfect for coins, credit cards, iPhone, Blackberry, poopy bags or???
$10 each plus shipping

Pink rat fabric, cerise lining, green zipper – 1 available
March 2011 518 March 2011 525

Pretzel fabric (same fabric inside & outside), black zipper – 1 available
Pickles 1183 Pickles 1181

Tag Clips:

Makes switching collars easy! Simply attach your tags to the tag clip and attach it to the collar. Good for fabric collars up to 1 inch wide (email if you’re interested in one for a leather collar or wider collar). Does not include the tags.
$5.00 each plus shipping

tagclip2 tagclip1

I have been wearing one for 7 weeks now. It belonged to Amber, the previous foster Pit Bull. She wore it for over 6 months so they seem to hold up well!

Pickles 467a

If you’d rather want to go shopping for toys and send me a parcel like Chevy Stevens, Miyeko and Mary Sue did, please get in touch with my foster mom at and she’ll let you know where to mail it or drop it off.

If you’d like to directly contribute towards my bone/raw food fund, easiest is to buy a gift certificate at Wild At Heart. Here is a quick link to FAQ on How to Send Gift Certificates. It obviously would be for me, Pickles! And my foster mom’s email address is (If you still have problems with it, then please contact the kind folks at Wild At Heart through this form.)



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